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Night show 

Puppeteers: 6 

Technician: 2 

Set up time: 60 min

Take down time: 60 min 

Duration of show: 60 min

Without Wings

"Handprints were everywhere, omnipresent. 

present. Their hands had not left a single small piece of the earth's surface untouched. The fingers had made the earth their territory. Everything that entered their palms was analysed, dismantled and finally possessed. The earth became the object of limitless manipulation, of uncontrolled palpation uncontrolled palpation...". 

"Without Wings" tells the story of a "Humanoid" who would like to use his hands differently, to be able to caress and fly and not just and not only "take in hand".  


He befriends an old bird with broken wings. In the course of their meeting, a friendship is born.


Their complementarity and complicity will finally help them to fly away.

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