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Carnival Al-Lajiìn_ Al-Lajiàat

cooperation 2016

Artistania followed the call of the platform My right is your right! for a preparatory meeting for an alternative carnival already in January of 2016. Here the concept of the campaign Carnival Al-Lajiìn_ Al-Lajiàat was discussed and outlined, also with the participation of Artistania - the emancipatory-political element of the carnival should come to the fore at the parade in March.


A fusion of street theater, storytelling and demonstration was to leave a lasting impression and give refugees their own voice for their stories. This idea excited the members of Artistania and it was quickly decided that their own contribution would be to build a large puppet for the parade.


A workshop weekend was held under the artistic direction of Saba Tsereteli and Claire Chaulet and masks and an oversized puppet were fabricated. Over a dense work of wire was glued in fine detail work papier-mâché and these finally painted. But this was not enough: in the following workshops, the puppeteers learned how to safely carry and guide the large figure, and even how to make it dance.


Because the cooperation with the network My right is your right! was not the only one of the procession. Artistania's 'Giant Puppet' was allowed to dance to the rhythms of the Berlin Batucada group "Maracatu Treffen" that day. Despite mixed weather, it was a wild dance - the band always behind him, the giant made his way on the parade and attracted not only looks, but also some fans behind him, who swung their hips with him until the rally at the finish.

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