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Das Versteckte Schultier

Workshops 2017


A professional large-scale puppet has been created by children from the Hermann Boddin School, accompanied by the artists Saba Tsereteli and Claire Chaulet (Artistania e.V.) and Fiona Kelly, and brought to life in the form of a street theater performance for the school and neighborhood residents.

We offered them an AG - a short-term project - outside of school instead of the familiar one-year commitment. The children were invited twice a week, instead of attending the "Freizeit AG" as usual, to step into the studio and get to know the artistic business of puppet making and street theater.

Cooperation and mutual listening were to be at the forefront of the creative process. Therefore we worked together on a large puppet and on different songs, which on the one hand explained the story of the being, and on the other hand served to rhythmize the control of the puppet. 


In a final performance, we presented the result both at school and in the neighborhood as part of the art festival 48 Stunden Neukölln as well as at the young art festival Young Arts Neukölln.

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