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The „Theatre of Details“



Claire Chaulet and Saba Tsereteli founded the company Theatre of Details in 2012 as one of the first project of the association Artistania e.V. Since then the Theatre of Details works together with artists from different disciplines and tries to dissolve borders between fine arts and performing arts. The ambition of the Theatre of Details is to create unconventional and participatory artistic practices, to invite the audience to go on a surreal and imaginative journey and to reclaim poetry and community experiences in the public space.

First known for its use of puppets, masks, and object theater, the artistic methods of the Theatre of Details became more and more eclectic and multifaceted. Nowadays the Theatre of Details use a wide range of techniques including lantern-making, story-telling, land art, stop motion…

Nevertheless, the same philosophy remains: The different artworks of Theatre of Details aim to transform hostile environments into inspiring and social spaces. Giant Marionnettes, Sculptures in Context, Creative Workshops, collective creations… all these approaches follow the same logic: to use art as an international language to create bounds between people and engage in civil society.


The "Theater of Details" takes its name from the objects, which, with their symbolism and subtleties, play a decisive role in the creation of a unique atmosphere and aesthetic. In our plays, the spectator is expected to submit themselves to the fictitious and accept that the clear separation between the manipulated and the manipulative is blurred. All objects are handmade and follow the principle of upcycling: we create functional and valuable objects from scrap or surplus material.


We work with our surroundings, with the materials we found and the themes and problems we face in specific contexts. But one is sure: as greyer the context as more we want to color it! The artistic interventions in common or public spaces are a result of collaborative work with the people using these spaces.  


The Theatre of Details aim is to reinforce the social ties and break isolation processes through artistic practices. The cooperation of people from different backgrounds around one artistic project provokes a great feeling of empowerment. We believe that realizing your own creative potential, have opportunities to implement crazy ideas together with other individuals foster political activation, community organizing and social responsibility.



We share a vision of art not as an elitist good but as a tool to overcome languistic, national, and economical barriers. We use creativity as a pretext to join disparate worlds and create unusual encounters and cooperations. For us the meeting of different worlds allows on one hand the emergence of new ideas and new dynamics and on the other hand challenges stereotypes and animosity.


Artistic director: Saba Tsereteli

Project coordinator: Claire Chaulet

The Theatre of Details family and supporters: Martin Ducreau, Helen Haukamp, Pier Paolo B., Felix Hoffmann, Regine Eninger, Bérénice Geoffray, Amadeus Figueiredo, Gwenal C., Miriam A.

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